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Hey everybody! It has been a while since we have seen Chris in the work shop, but we he’s back! Last week the Percussion Exchange took a hiatus to attend a celebration of life. Chris spent his time in the workshop building a custom earn to hold Shannon’s Grandmother and Grandfather. It was also the first time since the whole world changed that the whole family was together. Chris also had a show at one of the coolest venues in Southern Maine, Aura Night Club in Portland. It’s been really nice having the world slowly getting back to normal.


This week on Work Bench Wednesday we see Chris working on a custom snare. This two tone wood snare has dye cast black nickel hoops and matching turret style lugs. While assembling this build Chris tells us a story of how sometimes things just don’t work out. Everyone once in a while we all run into experiences of failure, but it’s how we overcome it that matters. You can either get angry and quit, or you can “keep on keeping on” as Chris likes to say. Chris was able to get everything back on track, and move on from these situations. As we all are able to in this life.


We are also excited to announce that our first shipment of Vansir cymbals has finally arrived to the workshop. The Percussion Exchange is currently the only retail seller of Vansir cymbals in North America, they even have our logo engraved in them!


Be sure to check out some new photos that have been posted to the Percussion Exchange’s builds and artist galleries. Have a great week everybody! Keep on keeping on.


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