Blog #10- Live From the Studio

Hey Everybody! We are live and in studio this week. Who else out there is having a busy week? It’s definitely been busy here at the Percussion Exchange. While soaking up the last few bits of summer, Chris has also had the lights on in the shop morning, noon, and night. Some exciting news has also hit the workshop! The Clan on Rousseau Road is heading on vacation. A much-deserved one for all of the hard work being put in around the workbench.

Chris will also be featured in an upcoming podcast called Trawl Cast. In this episode, Chris, Sean, and Seth discuss the journey that brought us the Percussion Exchange, and the Maine rock scene. This podcast is available on most streaming platforms! Chris will also be doing a live with Carlton, the owner of Collision drumsticks on Friday, August 20th. Be sure to tune into that interview on the Collision Drumsticks Instagram page, @collisiondrumsticks.

This week, Work Bench Wednesday is live from Chris’s home studio. This is the first time our Instagram audience has seen a live in this space. All Percussion Exchange drums are sound tested in this studio, and as a drummer himself, it’s definitely one of his favorite parts of the whole process! Chris shows the Instagram audience all of the snares that he has been working on, and gives a brief behind the scenes of everything that goes into making these beautiful instruments. He even shows us some work from over the years, even a couple from the beginning of his drum-making career.

We will have new items available on our website coming soon! Stickers and badges will be available on the website soon! We are working on having Percussion Exchange t-shirts as well, so be on the lookout for Percussion Exchange merch coming to the website. Also, if you buy a drum off of the Percussion Exchange website, you will receive a limited-edition custom t-shirt as a gift with your purchase. Be a member of the Percussion Exchange club, and check out the Custom Drums page on our website!

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