Blog #11- Cliff’s Notes

Hey Everybody! We hope that everyone is having a great week! Here is the Cliff’s Notes version of Workbench Wednesday.  There are new Vansir cymbals listed on our website, and there are more coming. Chris is also developing a “Good, Better, Best” system for Custom Drum Sales. The premise is; a price-range for anyone, and quality for everyone. To make an inquiry about a custom drum, check out the “Build Your Vision” page on the Percussion Exchange website, and fill out your contact information. Whether you have $300 or $3,000, Chris can help you design a quality, beautiful, hand-made instrument. Whether Chris is building a “good”, “better”, or a “best” drum, it’s all the same to his happy little drum-building heart.

Thank you for 900 followers on the Percussion Exchange Instagram page! We love the whole gang and appreciate that you like us! We hope everyone has a great week.

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