Blog #12-Mini Kick

Hey everybody! We hope everyone is having a great week. We are coming to you from the studio again this week, where Chris shows us the new Mini Kick drum that he built. It’s a 20” Maple Shell with DW Tom Brackets. This drum has no legs, and is held up by a stable kick pedal and one bracket. Chris has experimented with different heads and tuning on this drum, and he was able to get a wide range of sounds from this very portable, versatile bass drum.

The Percussion Exchange has some updates to share; Chris has been doing a lot of painting over this last week, he is finishing a couple of custom orders. However, the air-compressor for airbrush paints did need some repairing. Chris and Tyra have been sending out packages, and have a secret drum that we are very excited about. Chris was ready to spill the beans about it, but our followers will be able to see it on the internet soon! There are a lot of new cymbals up on the website as well. These cymbals sound amazing, and if any one has any questions Chris is prepared to give a private, online screening to show what the cymbals sound like.

Thank you all for of the support that the Percussion Exchange continues to receive from the online music community. We always love seeing our audience tune in to Work Bench Wednesday every week. Chris will be back next week with even more Percussion Exchange news.

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