Blog #13- We are Outside!

Hello everybody! We are outside this week on Work Bench Wednesday, and the chickens are invading. Chris is working outside because he has been doing wood work, and shell steaming for a few custom drum orders. The last couple of weeks here at the Percussion Exchange has been a little rocky, but Chris reminds us to power through and keep a smile on. Between car issues and the day job, there hasn’t been a lot of time for Chris to be in the shop, but hopefully the coming weeks will be filled with more drum building and less bumps in the road.

This week Chris shows us how he is able to make rounded shells by steaming them in a home-made steamer. What he has been mostly working on this week is the foundation of drums, and it’s happening outside because the Maine winter is coming. We enjoy warmth and sunshine while we can here in New England. There are only two seasons; winter, and preparing for winter.

Make sure you catch the next Work Bench Wednesday, Chris will be having a very special birthday celebration with the Percussion Exchange’s youngest follower!

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