Blog #2-Fan Designed Custom Snare

Hey Everyone! How are we doing out there? We hope all is well. Here at The Percussion Exchange we have been doing a lot of sanding while getting ready for our website launch, which will be happening Friday June 25th. We are also excited to introduce the very first employee of The Percussion Exchange, Chris’s daughter Tyra. She will be helping with administrative tasks so that Chris will have more time to “make-ah the drum-ah”. The website is coming along great, we are receiving tons of artist submitted photos to be a part of our gallery, and Chris has had the lathe turning in the shop morning, noon, and night.

In episode nine of Work Bench Wednesday we see Chris in the workshop continuing the work on the fan designed ambrosia wood maple snare drum. This unique shell is equipped with 10-“57’ Chevy lugs” (a.k.a Yamaha style lugs), a Trick Style throw off, and 1.6mm rims to provide the best sound possible. Two followers also answered the question of why it’s called ambrosia maple and we learned that it’s because ambrosia beetles will borough into the wood. They bring along a bacteria with them that causes the beautiful striping that you see throughout the snare. This snare will be a part of the giveaway to celebrate our website launch! There will also be a set of DrumPrax Pads that we are giving away, and a Vansir Power Series 16” O-Zone Crash . All three give-aways will go to separate winners so that we are able to spread the love a little more.  So make sure to watch episode 10 of Work Bench Wednesday to see the official rules and details.

We will be launching the official Percussion Exchange website on Friday, June 25th, so be sure to be there or be square! We are excited for you all to see our hard work, and buy yourself some gorgeous percussion instruments.

Be sure to follow @percussion_exchange on Instagram to receive all updates about the giveaway and the website launch! We can’t wait to see you there!


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