Blog #3 – The giveaway and website launch

Hey Everyone! Well wishes from The Percussion Exchange. This week we are in the studio and not the workshop because it is CRAZY in there right now! It’s insane to think about how we have been doing Work Bench Wednesday for 10 weeks now, and we are finally getting to the giveaway.

The Percussion Exchange will be holding a two week long, international giveaway. Open to all those who are 18+ (or those who have permission from their guardians), worldwide. There will be three separate giveaways. One lucky winner will receive a DrumPrax pad and a socket, another contestant will win a Vansir Power Series 16” O-Zone Cymbal. The Grand Prize will be the fan designed ambrosia maple wood snare, valued at $500. If you were able to tune into episode 10 of Workbench Wednesday, you saw just how excited the fans are at a chance to win this beautiful, one of a kind instrument. Chris has been testing and re-testing the snare to make sure it has just the right low tones to it! The Percussion Exchange is excited to be doing these giveaways to show our love and appreciation for all those out there who have been supporting us along this journey, and in hopes of showing you all just exactly what we are all about. Chris will be making his list and checking it twice, so make sure your name is on it!

Don’t forget that the official Percussion Exchange website launches Friday June 25th at noon (U.S. EST). Please check out the official rules and details for the giveaway on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. And don’t forget to join our e-mail newsletter list after our website launch so that you can stay up to date with everything that we have going on!


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