Blog #4-One Week Left to Enter Our Giveaway

Hey everybody! We hope all is well! It has been HOT here in Maine. Hotter than we usually get this early in the summer, so hopefully you’re all staying cool out there. In the beginning of the week, every day was over 95 degrees. Fortunately, there is an air conditioner in the workshop because Chris has been making drums all day every day to add to The Percussion Exchange website!

The giveaway will be coming to a close in one week. On July 7th we will be drawing the name for the winners! Since it will be Chris’s sons 13th birthday, we are handing the reigns to him, and giving him the honors of drawing the first, second, and third place winners. As a reminder of what you could win; first place will win the Ambrosia Maplewood Snare that you have seen on workbench Wednesday. The second-place winner will receive a Vansir 16” Power Series O-Zone cymbal, and third place will receive either a red or light blue DrumPrax pad. So don’t forget to get your entries in on both Instagram and Facebook to increase your chances to win!

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