Blog #7- Getting Organized

Hey Everybody! We hope everyone is having a great week. We were excited to see the international audience, as well as the Maine representation on Work Bench Wednesday this week. Chris showed us all of the re-organization that has been going on here at the Percussion Exchange, as well as talking about drum finishes.

We realized that having the entire drum building process occur in the workshop is not the most efficient way to do it. So we have set up another place to finish the drums, assemble and add hardware, and get it ready to ship out! Making the whole process go a lot more smoothly, and quickly; meaning we are able to get your orders to you faster. We’ve included some pictures of the cymbal and shipping stations in this post! Work Bench Wednesday will still primarily be happening in the workshop. We love being able to show you the “behind the scenes” of the drum-making process, since people don’t get to see that part too often.

The Percussion Exchange would also like to announce some new additions to the website! Within the next week  Chris and Tyra will be going through approximately 400lbs of brand new cymbals to add to the website—some are even available for pre-order right now! Also, starting in August the Percussion Exchange will have an e-mail newsletter. Be sure to look out for the newsletter, as we will be adding sale and discount information. You will also be able to see even more what goes on in the background of the Percussion Exchange. You don’t want to miss it!

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