Blog #9- Interview With Charlie

Hey Everybody! We hope everyone is doing well. The Percussion Exchange has been surviving a heat wave this week. We’ve also been experiencing a good old fashion summer cold. The two don’t exactly mix well. Chris has been working on new custom drums, a nature inspired snare for a friend of the Percussion Exchange, Ben. Make sure to follow him on Instagram, username, thamaddrumma.


This week on Work Bench Wednesday Chris had an interview with the winner of our Giveaway, Charlie. Charlie is a young, self taught musician, who has been playing the drums for five years. Chris and Charlie talked about their drum idols. Charlie also told us about playing with his Chrisitan worship team. Chris even learned some new things about Christian worship music. The interview with this young drummer shows us that rock and roll is still very much alive. It’s a great interview and definitely one to check out. Make sure to follow Charlie on Instagram at charlie.covarrubias7.


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