The Gig Kit

Abolone wrap with black nickel hardware

The Roaring Lion

13″ black cherry/curly maple stave shell, black nickel hardware


5″ x 14″ Maple Ply w/ Maple Re-Rings

Make a Deal

4″ x 14″ 30ply maple

California Dreamn’

5″ x 14″ Black Cherry Stave

The Giveaway

6″ x 14″ Ambrosia Maple

Maple Burl

5″ x 14″ Maple Burl Veneer over 20ply Maple

15+ years ago

7″ x 13″ 8ply maple w/ Ego Lugs First 13″ Build

The Gig Set

Abolone wrap with black nickel hardware

Double Trouble Cherry

 Cherry Maple staves with silver hardware

The Starting Line Up

Alternating wood finish with black nickel hardware

Coming Soon