14″ Maine Curly Maple Stave Snare


It’s Your build! The UV Lacquer gloss finish is on! The Percussion Exchange bearing edges and snare beds are installed! How will you finish it?

This 6″ x 14″ Maine Curly Maple Stave shell is ready for you to make the final build decisions! Curly Maple has been the preferred wood of choice for builders of fine stringed instruments for centuries. It’s exceptional tonal qualities have made it the gold standard for violins, cellos etc.

This Curly Maple is sustainably harvested right here in the great northern woods of Maine. Milled and air dried for several years prior to being used for the building of fine instruments.

The shell is a 1/2″ thick and will sport your choice of american walnut or mahogany reinforcement rings.

You get to outfit this 10 lug drum with your choice of single lug or tube lugs in either chrome, brass or black nickel.

You get to choose from either 1.6mm, 2.3mm 0r 3mm triple flanged rims in chrome, brass or black nickel

We have several styles of snare strainers, butt plates and snare wires to choose from!

With this purchase you get to have a private build consultation with Chris. During this meeting you get to decide on every aspect of the build. Short videos will be recorded and sent to you as the build process goes on. You will receive an email from sales@thepercussionexchange.com to schedule your build consultation. We can’t wait to build your vision!


2 in stock (can be backordered)